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Pet Munchies Natural Treats - Gourmet Beef Liver

Pet Munchies Natural Treats - Gourmet Beef Liver

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Surprise your feline friend with the delectable taste of Pet Munchies Gourmet Cat Treats in Beef, a scrumptious and nutritious treat they'll absolutely love! Made with premium freeze-dried beef, these gourmet morsels offer a uniquely satisfying texture and flavour your cat won't be able to resist. Free from artificial additives, these treats not only taste amazing but also promote a healthy and balanced diet for your cherished feline companion.

Key Benefits

  • 🥩 Premium Beef Flavor: Made with high-quality freeze-dried beef, these treats provide a delicious and nutritious snack for your cat. 
  • 🚫 No Artificial Additives: Free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, promoting a natural and healthy diet. 
  • 🐾 Ideal for Rewarding: The unique texture and irresistible taste make these treats perfect for reinforcing positive behaviour. 
  • 😊 Suitable for All Cats: These treats are suitable for cats of all breeds and sizes, ensuring every kitty can enjoy their scrumptious taste. 
  • ❄️ Freeze-Dried Goodness: The freeze-drying process locks in the flavour and nutrients, providing a satisfying and wholesome treat.


Beef Liver 92.2%, Soy protein

Feeding Guide

Please remember that cat treats should make up a small part of your pet’s balanced diet. Supervise your cat whilst feeding them a treat and ensure fresh drinking water is available.

Age Range

Suitable for kittens 4 months +

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