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Natural Buffalo Hooves

Natural Buffalo Hooves

Our long-lasting Buffalo Hooves are natural, digestible dog chews that keep your pup's chompers sparkling clean. Perfect for hours of dental fun with a unique flavour that's woof-tastic!

*As with all natural treats, size and colour may vary!

Pawsome Perks

  • 1. 🦷 Excellent Dental Health: Buffalo hooves helps scrape off plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth, contributing significantly to dental hygiene and preventing oral health issues.
  • 2. 🐶 Long-Lasting Fun: Due to their durability, Buffalo Hooves provide hours of chewing fun, keeping your dog entertained and occupied.
  • 3. 👅 Unique Flavor: The unique flavour of Buffalo Hooves is something your dog will find irresistible, making it an exciting treat they will look forward to.
  • 4. 💪 High Digestibility: Unlike synthetic chew toys, Buffalo Hooves are natural and highly digestible, ensuring they are safe for your dog's consumption.
  • 5. 🌱 Natural Product: Being a natural product, Buffalo Hooves are free from harmful chemicals and additives, ensuring a healthier and safer treat for your beloved pet.


100% Buffalo 


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Woof and Purr

Natural Buffalo Hooves

Key Benefits

Enrichment Benefits


Feeding Guide

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Your Dogs

Natural Treats

Are a sustainable, and eco-friendly way to treat your dog, reducing waste going to landfills or being used as a main protein source in low quality food.

Showing a set of healthy dog teeth with no plaque or tartar build up


Dental Health

The natural processes of air drying allow your dog's natural treats and chews to help improve their dental health by removing plaque and tartar build up.

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Natural Enrichment

Your dog loves and needs to chew. The chewing action helps reduce boredom and tension in your pup, and allows your dog to tap into their ancestral behaviours.