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LickiMat® Splash

LickiMat® Splash

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Transform grooming sessions into playtime with the LickiMat Splash! This ingenious lick mat is specifically designed to make grooming and bathing a fun and relaxing activity for your canine companion. Its suction cup allows it to securely fasten to smooth surfaces, turning any area into an engaging treat station. Spread your dog's favourite treat or dog-safe spread onto the Splash's textured surface, and watch as they savour every lick! Crafted from premium, food-safe materials, the LickiMat Splash is the ultimate solution for keeping your furry friend calm and content during grooming sessions.

Key Benefits

  • 🧼 Grooming Aid: The LickiMat Splash helps keep your dog calm and entertained during grooming or bathing sessions, making the process easier for both of you. 
  • 🏆 High-Quality Materials: Made from food-safe, non-toxic, and durable materials for your pet's safety and long-lasting use. 
  • 💪 Strong Suction Cup: The suction cup easily attaches to flat surfaces, providing a stable and secure licking surface for your pet. 
  • 💡 Creative Treat Options: Ideal for a variety of spreadable treats, from peanut butter to yoghurt, offering endless possibilities for your pet's enjoyment.
  •  🏠 Indoor & Outdoor Use: The portable design makes it perfect for use in the home, grooming salon, or on the go, giving your pet a fun and relaxing experience anywhere.

Enrichment Benefits

  • 🧠 🐶 Mental Stimulation: Engages your dog's mind, providing essential mental enrichment and combating boredom. 
  • 👅 Taste Bud Adventure: The LickiMat Splash encourages your pet to explore new flavours and textures, enhancing their taste experience. 
  • ⌛ Extended Feeding Time: Slows -down treat consumption, making treats last longer and promoting a healthy eating pace.
  •  🐾 All Breeds & Ages: Suitable for dogs of all breeds and life stages, providing tailored enrichment for your unique pet. 
  • 💆‍♂️ Stress Relief: The licking action soothes and relaxes your dog, reducing anxiety and stress, especially during grooming or bathing sessions.

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