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KONG Wrangler AvoCATo

KONG Wrangler AvoCATo

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KONG AvoCato is an enriching and eco-conscious cat toy that takes playtime to a whole new level of fun and excitement. The KONG AvoCato combines the joy of play and the benefits of natural materials for a healthier and happier feline friend.

Filled with the finest KONG North American Catnip, the AvoCato cat toy brings out the playful instincts of your furry companion while stimulating their senses and keeping them engaged for hours. The delightful avocado shape adds an adorable touch to your cat's playtime. The attached ball, resembling an avocado pip, provides extra entertainment as your cat bats, pounces, and chases its new favourite toy.

Key Features 

  • 🥑 Enriching, interactive playtime for your cat
  • 🌿 Made with eco-friendly materials for a sustainable choice
  • 🍃 Premium KONG North American Catnip for maximum excitement
  • 🎾 Unique avocado design with an attached ball for added fun
  • 😺 Perfect for cats of all ages and sizes

Enrichment Benefits 

  • 🧠 Mental Stimulation: Encourages cats to use their natural instincts, providing essential mental stimulation and reducing boredom.
  • 🏃‍♂️ Physical Exercise: Promotes overall health and well-being through beneficial physical exercise as cats pounce, chase, and bat at the toy. 
  • 🐾 Sensory Enrichment: Stimulates cats' senses with KONG North American Catnip and textured design, increasing interest and engagement during playtime.
  •  😌 Reduced Stress: Reduces stress and anxiety in cats by providing a positive outlet for their energy and natural instincts. 
  • 💕 Bonding Opportunity: Strengthens the bond between you and your feline friend through engaging playtime, fostering a deeper connection and mutual trust.

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