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KONG Kitty Fuzz Bugs

KONG Kitty Fuzz Bugs

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Introducing Fuzzbugs, the versatile cat toys designed to captivate your feline friend with their stretchy, crinkly texture and delightful rattle sound. These toys tap into your cat's natural hunting instincts, providing a multi-sensory play experience.

When connected, Fuzzbugs transform into a tantalizing teaser toy. Separate them, and you've got a cosy catnip-filled companion and an alluring ball with a stretchy tail. Unleash endless fun and entertainment for your whiskered companion with Fuzzbugs!

Key Benefits 

  • 🐱 Versatile: Functions as a teaser toy or separates into a catnip toy and an enticing ball.
  • 🎣 Hunting Instincts: Appeals to your cat's natural hunting instincts for engaging play.
  • 🎶 Rattle Sound: Delightful sound keeps your feline entertained and captivated.
  • 🌿 Catnip-Infused: Irresistible catnip attracts and engages your cat in play.
  • 🔄 Stretchy & Crinkly: Unique textures provide a multi-sensory play experience.

Enrichment Benefits 

  • 🧠 Mental Stimulation: Encourages curiosity and problem-solving skills during play.
  • 🏃‍♀️ Physical Activity: Promotes healthy exercise and motor skill development.
  • 🐱 Sensory Engagement: Appeals to your cat's senses, including touch, sound, and smell.
  • 💤 Prevents Boredom: Keeps your cat entertained, reducing the risk of boredom-related issues.
  • 💞 Bonding: Strengthens the bond between you and your cat during interactive play.

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