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KONG Connects: Benderz Teaser

KONG Connects: Benderz Teaser

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KONG Connects Benderz Teaser Toy: a one-of-a-kind cat plaything that promises endless fun and customizable challenges for your beloved feline!

KONG's versatile Benderz Teaser Toy bends and twists to attach to almost any surface, instantly turning your cat's play session into an action-packed adventure. With its adaptable design, you can easily tailor the play experience to keep your whiskered friend entertained and engaged.

Infused with KONG Premium North American Catnip and adorned with eye-catching ribbons, the Benderz Teaser Toy offers that extra allure to captivate your cat. Prepare to redefine playtime with this innovative and irresistible cat toy!

Key Benefits:

 • 🌐 Versatile attachment: Bends and twists to connect to various surfaces for endless play possibilities! 
• 🛠️ Customizable fun: Easily adjust the toy set-up to keep your cat engaged and entertained. 
• 🌿 KONG Premium Catnip: Infused with irresistible catnip to entice your feline friend. 
• 🎀 Vibrant ribbons: Eye-catching design adds visual appeal and excitement.
• 💪 Durable construction: Built to withstand your cat's most enthusiastic play sessions.

Enrichment Benefits: 

• 🧠 Mental stimulation: Challenges your cat's problem-solving skills and ignites curiosity. 
• 🏃‍♂️ Physical exercise: Encourages healthy activity levels and reduces boredom. 
• 🐾 Natural instincts: Awakens your cat's inherent hunting and stalking behaviours. 
• 🐈 Bonding time: Strengthens the relationship between you and your feline companion. 
• 🎯 Skill development: Helps refine your cat's agility, coordination, and motor skills.

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