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KONG Classic

KONG Classic

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Well, what can we say about the KONG classic dog toy that hasn't been said before? It's just a simple, unassuming toy that happens to be the holy grail of canine entertainment. I mean, sure, it's made of ultra-durable rubber that can withstand even the most aggressive chewers. And yeah, you can stuff it with treats to keep your pup engaged for hours on end. But really, what's the point in highlighting all those features when your dog is already giving you the "buy it now" eyes? So go ahead, give in to the inevitable, and make your dog's day with a KONG classic toy. They'll thank you with slobbery kisses and endless tail wags.

Enrichment Benefits 

- Uniquely shaped to promote healthier gums and teeth. 
- The durable rubber gives nice feedback for your dog while chewing. 
- Can be used with food or treats as a high reward after training sessions

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