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Green and Wild's Funny Bone

Green and Wild's Funny Bone

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Get ready for some rib-tickling fun with Green and Wild's Funny Bone dog toy! This whimsical toy features four layers of jute, twin stitched over a recycled cotton and jute rope. Ideal for throwing or tugging, the Funny Bone promises hours of laughter and enjoyment for you and your canine companion.

Key Benefits

  • 🌿 Eco-Friendly Materials: Made from sustainable jute, natural plant fibre, and recycled cotton, the Funny Bone is a planet-conscious choice for your dog's playtime.
  •  💪 Tough and Long-lasting: Designed with four layers of jute and twin-stitched rope, this toy is built to withstand rigorous play and last through countless play sessions. 
  • 🦴 Funny Bone Design: The whimsical shape and appearance of the Funny Bone dog toy brings a touch of humour to your pup's playtime, sparking joy and amusement. 
  • 🔄 No Added Harmful Compounds: Produced without using any harmful compounds, the Funny Bone is safe for your dog to chew on and enjoy. 
  • 🌱 100% Biodegradable: The jute used in the Funny Bone dog toy is fully biodegradable, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

Enrichment Benefits

  • 🧠 Cognitive Stimulation: The Funny Bone's unique design challenges your dog's problem-solving skills and promotes mental development. 
  • 🏃 Physical Exercise: Engaging in tugging and tossing games with the Funny Bone encourages your dog to stay active, maintaining their overall physical health. 
  • 🤝 Bonding Time: Playing with the Funny Bone together strengthens the bond between you and your dog, fostering trust and companionship. 
  • 🐾 Interactive Play: The Funny Bone is perfect for interactive play, helping your dog develop social skills and improve their interaction with others. 
  • 🦷 Chewing Satisfaction: The durable and tough design of the Funny Bone provides a satisfying chewing experience, promoting dental health and keeping your dog entertained.

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