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GIGwi Ball 2 Pk

GIGwi Ball 2 Pk

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Introducing the GIGwi Ball Duo: the ultimate squeaky balls for endless playtime! Crafted with durable TPR rubber, these bouncy balls are designed to outlast even the most enthusiastic chomping and tossing. Say goodbye to the mundane tennis ball and embrace a whole new level of fun.

These vibrant balls not only squeak to capture your dog's attention but also float, making them perfect for both land and water adventures. Whether it's fetch at the park or a splash in the pool, the GIGwi Ball Duo is ready for action. Treat your furry friend to a playtime upgrade with these amusing, versatile, and long-lasting squeaky balls!

Key Benefits 

  • 🦷 Dental health: Unique surface design promotes healthier teeth and gums during play.
  • 🌊 Floats on water: Perfect for both land and water-based adventures.
  • 🐶 Engaging squeak: Captures your dog's attention and adds excitement to playtime.
  • 💪 Durable TPR rubber: Designed to withstand enthusiastic chewing and tossing.
  • 🎾 Upgraded play: A fun and versatile alternative to traditional tennis balls.

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