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FroliCat Fox Den Cat Toy

FroliCat Fox Den Cat Toy

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The Frolicat Fox Den cat toy is an innovative cat toy that helps keep your cat entertained for hours with its dancing tail and disappearing feature. This toy is great at keeping your cat engaged, enriched and bounding around your home for hours on end.

How to use: 

After installing the batteries (not included) and powering the toy on, it will begin to activate the fuzzy fox tail, which encourages your cat to stalk and pounce. After 10 minutes the toy will automatically shut off to allow your cat to rest. For the "Play while your away" feature, hold the power button down to activate. This mode is designed for 10-minute play sessions throughout a two-hour period, the motion sensor will activate the toy when your cat walks past. After this period the toy will shut down until you turn it back on. 

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