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Feliway for Cats Plug-in Diffuser

Feliway for Cats Plug-in Diffuser

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The Feliway Diffuser Plug-In is your trusty sidekick in the quest for feline harmony and furniture preservation! Harness the calming influence of pheromones, known to soothe and comfort cats, to make your furry companion feel safe and content. The result? A happier, more relaxed kitty and a home that remains scratch-free and serenely peaceful. Delight in a purr-fectly balanced atmosphere with the Feliway Diffuser Plug-In. 

Key Benefits

  • 🐾 Odorless and undetectable to human noses
  • 🐾 Reduces unwanted behaviours like scratching and marking
  • 🐾 Ideal for easing stress during events or environmental changes
  • 🐾 Simply plug it in and enjoy a more peaceful home

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