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Daily Eats Salmon Crunchy Cushions

Daily Eats Salmon Crunchy Cushions

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Daily Eats Salmon Crunchy Cushions - the perfect feline feast! Savour the taste of tempting, crispy morsels surrounding a soft, velvety core infused with mouth-watering salmon. Watch your cat's eyes light up with sheer delight as they indulge in this delicious seafood sensation. Get ready for whisker-licking goodness!

Key Benefits

  • 🐟 Delectable Salmon Flavour: Tantalizing taste that'll have your cat hooked!
  • 💥 Crispy & Soft Duo: Crunchy outer layer meets a delicate, tender center for a delightful bite.
  • 🐾 Finicky Feline Approved: Designed to captivate even the most discerning of cat palates.
  • 😻 Playtime Bonding: Ideal for tossing, catching, and interactive fun with your furry companion.
  • 🌟 Premium Ingredients: Crafted with high-quality, nutritious ingredients for a happy, healthy cat.


Cereals, Meat and animal derivatives, oils and fats (1% salmon oil), vegetable protein extracts, Fish and fish derivatives (4% salmon meal), derivatives of vegetable origin
Typical Analysis - Protein 30%, Fat Content 20%, Crude Ash 5%, Crude Fibres 3.5%

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