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Canagan Omega Rich Salmon Dog Treats

Canagan Omega Rich Salmon Dog Treats

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Discover Canagan Salmon Crunchy Biscuits, the paw-some treat your dog will adore! Packed with 40% tasty Salmon, sweet potato, and chickpeas, perfect for training or post-walk rewards. With added Glucosamine and Chondroitin, these love-heart-shaped biscuits support joint health and help control tartar buildup. Expertly hand-baked in eco-friendly, carbon-neutral UK ovens, these snacks are as kind to the planet as they are to your pup's palate.

Key Benefits 

  • 🐟 Salmon Sensation: Packed with 40% wild-caught Salmon, these biscuits provide a high-quality protein boost for your pup.
  • 🍠 Nutrient Boost: Sweet potatoes and chickpeas deliver essential nutrients for overall health and boundless energy.
  • 🏆 Training Treats: Perfect for rewards during training sessions or as a tasty post-walk snack.
  • 💚 Joint Support: Glucosamine and Chondroitin help keep your dog's joints supple and healthy as they leap and bound.
  • 🌎 Earth-Friendly: Expertly hand-baked in carbon-neutral, wood-fired UK ovens for a guilt-free, eco-conscious treat.

Feeding Guide 

A complementary treat for dogs. Always ensure fresh water is available and store in a cool place.


Salmon (Min 40%), Chickpea (25%), Sweet Potato (21%), Vegetable Oil, Linseed, Mixed Herbs, Yucca Extract, Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate (5000 mg/), Glucosamine (1000 mg/), MSM (1000 mg/), Chondroitin (1000 mg/), Devil’s Claw. 

Analytical Composition: Crude Protein 32.3%, Crude Fat 11.5%, Crude Fibre 5.8%, Crude Ash 10%, Omega 6 3.6%, Omega 3 1.74%

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