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Canagan Chicken and Crab

Canagan Chicken and Crab

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Entice your feline friend with an irresistible and nutritious meal they'll crave: Canagan Chicken with Crab Wet Cat Food. Crafted with tender, free-range chicken and delectable crab, this mouth-watering recipe delivers a delightful combination of high-quality protein sources. Grain-free and free from artificial additives, this scrumptious cat food offers a well-rounded and healthful meal for cats of all breeds, ages, and sizes while promoting their overall well-being

Key Benefits

  • 🍗 Chicken & crab fusion: Canagan Chicken with Crab Wet Cat Food combines free-range chicken and tasty crab for a protein-rich meal that supports your cat's growth and development.
  • 🚫 No added veggies: This delicious recipe focuses on high-quality protein sources.
  • 🌾 Grain-free: This appetizing meal is free from grains, making it a suitable choice for cats with sensitive stomachs or dietary restrictions.
  • 🐱 For all cats: This scrumptious cat food caters to cats of all breeds, ages, and sizes, making it a versatile and nourishing option for every cat owner.
  • 💖 Enhances well-being: Canagan Chicken with Crab Wet Cat Food promotes your cat's immune system, skin and coat health, and digestive system, contributing to a happy and healthy life.


Chicken Breast (58%), Chicken Broth (31%), Crab (5%), Sunflower Oil, Thickening Agent (Tapioca) and Minerals.

Nutritional Additives: Vitamin A 9,776 IU, Vitamin D3 458 IU, Vitamin E 153 mg, Taurine 611 mg, Trace Elements: Zinc (Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate) 305 mg, Iron (Iron (II) Sulphate Monohydrate) 54.4 mg, Copper (Copper (II) Sulphate Pentahydrate) 6.7 mg, Manganese (Manganous Sulphate Monohydrate) 6.1 mg, Iodine (Potassium Iodide) 0.9 mg, Calcium (Tricalcium Phosphate) 2,890 mg, (Calcium Carbonate) 3,468 mg

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 16.5%, Crude Fat 3%, Crude Fibre 0.5%, Crude Ash 2%, Moisture 77%

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