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Ancol Heritage Tweed Cuddler Fox Plush

Ancol Heritage Tweed Cuddler Fox Plush

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Your dog's nose has over 130 million receptors in their nose! Did you also know that your dog uses their olfactory sense for everything from sniffing food out to keeping calm? The Ancol Heritage Plush Fox dog toy uses traditional tweed, which retains smells longer than other fabrics. This doesn't mean it will stink your house out, but it does mean your dog will love this toy! Want to know more about this toy? It uses recycled stuffing to make it more sustainable and has an elongated body for carrying around the house! This will become a firm favourite for your dog! 

Key Benefits

* Made with British tweed for scent retention 
* Made with recycled stuffing for a more sustainable dog toy
* Hidden squeaker for more engagement 
* Elongated body makes it perfect for retriever-type dogs. 


* Tweed Cotton
* Recycled cotton stuffing 

Breed Specifics 

This toy can be played with by all dogs and puppies that love plush toys. 

* Retriever Types
* Spaniel Types
* Terrier Types
* Boxer Type

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