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Ancol Bungee Coupler

Ancol Bungee Coupler

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Don't get in a twist when walking two dogs, nor have your arms yanked out of the socket because you've got two leads, or have to juggle both dogs when dealing with their daily natural habits (toilet breaks). The Ancol Bungee Coupler is the saviour of all doggy walking juggling acts by keeping both dogs contained on one lead to make walking a breeze (kind of) 

 Key Benefits 

* Helps walk two dogs simultaneously
* Strong enough for heavy pullers (Have you walked two huskies before, Ancol?) 
* Made with robust bungee cord for ease of use
* Strong steel clasps for a grip that won't stop gripping! That's because they close and won't open until you open them. 

What's it made of?

Cotton, woven into a tight bungee cord



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