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Air-Dried, Natural Venison Skin

Air-Dried, Natural Venison Skin

 Venison skin is a fantastic way to entertain your dog while promoting healthy teeth and gums. 100% natural and air-dried, these dog chews are additive-free and packed with protein and omega oils. 

These treats are a great alternative to rawhide due to their high digestibility and are perfect for enrichment as they help reduce tension and relieve stress in dogs. 

 *As with all natural treats, sizes and colours may vary, and supervision is advised. 

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Woof and Purr

Air-Dried, Natural Venison Skin

Key Benefits

  • 🍖 Protein-Rich: The Venison Skin chew is loaded with protein, contributing to your dog's overall health and muscle development of your pup.
  • 🦷 Dental Health Booster: Chewing helps maintain your dog's oral health by reducing plaque and tartar build-up.
  • 😊 Positive Stimulation: This chew provides a positive and engaging activity, keeping your pup entertained and happy.
  • 🍃 Natural and Simple: With a simple, natural taste of venison, this chew keeps additives and chemicals away from your dog's diet.
  • 💓 Healthy Treat: The air-dried process preserves the nutrients, making it a healthy addition to your pup's diet that's also delicious!

Enrichment Benefits

  • Puzzle Toy Filler: Dried venison skin can be used as a stuffing for puzzle toys, like a Kong. The challenge of extracting the tasty treat provides both mental and physical engagement.
  • Training Reward: It can serve as a high-value reward after/during training sessions i.e training your dog not to resource guard, which can enrich the dog's learning experience and strengthen your bond with them.
  • Hide and Seek Treat: You can hide pieces of dried venison skin around your home or garden, encouraging your dog's natural scent tracking abilities. This can turn into a fun and engaging game that stimulates their mind.
  • Slow Feeder Substitute: If your dog tends to eat too quickly, integrating pieces of venison skin into their meal can force them to slow down, promoting healthier digestion and preventing boredom at meal times. Very small amounts should be used as treats are not a substitute for their complete meals.


100% Venison Skin


Protein 88.2%
Fat 4.15%
Moisture 6.34%
Ash 0.4%

Feeding Guide

Supervise your dog when feeding chews or treats and fresh water is always available.

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Your Dogs

Natural Treats

Are a sustainable, and eco-friendly way to treat your dog, reducing waste going to landfills or being used as a main protein source in low quality food.

Showing a set of healthy dog teeth with no plaque or tartar build up


Dental Health

The natural processes of air drying allow your dog's natural treats and chews to help improve their dental health by removing plaque and tartar build up.

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Natural Enrichment

Your dog loves and needs to chew. The chewing action helps reduce boredom and tension in your pup, and allows your dog to tap into their ancestral behaviours.