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Adios Compostable Dog Poo Bags

Adios Compostable Dog Poo Bags

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Picking up after your dog is never a pleasant experience, which can be made worse by poor-quality poo bags. We've all been there. However, Adios Poo bags are on another level: a thick and robust bag that is 100% compostable, dubbed the zero-waste poo bag! Created by the geniuses at Adios, using non-genetically modified cornstarch, you'll love the feel (honestly, one of the softest bags we've felt! Weirdly) and strength of these bags, helping you feel more confident picking up after your pup!

Pack Size: 60 (4 rolls) 
Approx size 13 x 9 inches. 15 bags to a roll.

Pawsome Perks

  • 🌽 Eco-Friendly Ingredients! Adios Poo bags are crafted from non-genetically modified cornstarch - it's like turning waste into compost, how cool is that?
  • 🌎 Zero-Waste Champion! Dubbed as the zero-waste poo bag, they're 100% compostable. Help your pup do their bit for our planet!
  • 💪 Super Strength! These bags are thick and robust, so you can pick up with confidence, knowing there won't be any unfortunate 'breakthrough' moments!
  • 🤲 Soft Touch! They're honestly some of the softest bags we've ever felt - a weird thing to rave about but trust us, you'll notice the difference!
  • 😄 Stress-Free Clean-Up! With Adios Poo bags, the unpleasant task of picking up after your dog becomes a lot more bearable. Say Adios to your old poo bags! 

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