• Budget Bistro Box

    Delight your dog with wallet-friendly, all-natural goodness! Quality treats without breaking the bank - a paw-some surprise for every furry friend.

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  • Deluxe Bistro Box

    Spoil your pup with premium, all-natural indulgence! Experience the finest flavors and ultimate canine luxury in every handpicked, lavish selection

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High reward treats

Giving dog treats is a given, these treats however are absolutely perfect to give after training sessions or after a stressful situation like visiting the vets.

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Chews for chilling

Chewing for dogs is vital! Not only does it reduce tension and provide relaxation, chewing promotes healthy gums and teeth.

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  • Save Money

    Each Box will save you money than buying the conventional pick and mix treats you find in traditional pet stores. Saving you at least 20%

  • Reduces waste

    By giving your dog natural air-dried treats and chews you are helping stop waste going to landfills, using the whole animal.

  • Convienient

    Buying a treat box makes buying a tasty treat easier and saves you time and money. The box keeps smells to a minimum too.