A little bit about Woof and Purr

Why Woof and Purr was created? 

Good question, person on the internet. 

Woof and Purr was created for one reason only... because we love animals! We can't get enough of the little furballs that bring happiness, reduce stress, and provide hours of laughter to people. 

Another reason? 

During the Covid lockdowns, we found ourselves needing to source alternative ways to amuse and enrich our animals' lives. Thus began the start of discussions that led to Woof & Purr being created. We decided one of our main goals was to offer products that would improve the quality of life of UK dogs and cats and that we would be happy giving our own animals. 

We are only small and, all the products we sell you can buy anywhere else but, the thing that makes us awesome; is we care. 

  • We care about enrichment
  • We care about animals
  • We care about you

And we hope with your support, we can grow.