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What You Need to Know About Short-Haired Dog Care!

With their sleek, easy-care coats, short haired dogs like labs and pit bulls are popular choices for many pet owners. And while their grooming may be low-maintenance, these breeds still have some unique care needs. Here are some tips for keeping your short-haired dog happy and healthy!

First, regular brushing is still important. Aim for a weekly brushing to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils. Use a rubber grooming mitt or brush with soft bristles. And be sure to check for any dry, flaky skin which could indicate problems.

Next, their coats make them prone to getting chilled outside. Have coats or sweaters on hand for walks when temperatures dip. And limit time outdoors when it's extremely cold or hot. The lack of protective fur means short haired dogs are more vulnerable to temperature extremes.

With their minimal body fat, these breeds are also sensitive to hot surfaces. Be mindful of hot asphalt or sand when out and about in warm weather. Walking early or late in the day when it's cooler may be best. And always provide access to fresh, cool water.

Additionally, these dogs are often susceptible to skin irritations from grasses, pollens and other allergens. Keep up with flea, tick and heartworm preventatives. Bathing with a sensitive skin shampoo can help soothe any flare ups.

Their lean shape also means they have less natural padding. Providing soft beds is important, and padded harnesses and coats can help avoid abrasions when active. Massaging any pressure points with your hands helps too.

While low-maintenance in the grooming department, short haired dogs still have their own care needs. But a little extra attention in the right areas will help keep your pup happy and comfortable all year round! With the right approach, they make wonderful furry companions.

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