Fireworks - How to calm your dog or cat

Fireworks - How to calm your dog or cat

The nights are drawing in, the weather is cooling down, the trees are changing, and we've all gotten our coats out. That's right, it's autumn. Cosy nights in, eating warm comfort food and getting ready for the all-important holidays this time of year brings.

With our animals, it also means changing coats, wrapping themselves in blankets and sitting on warm laps for those all-important cuddles.

But there is one thing we owners are fully aware of!


Although we all love looking up to the sky at those dazzling explosions and bright lights and standing by bonfires, for our animals it's a terrifying time, not fully aware of what's going on.

We all do our best to try and calm our pets, but sometimes we need a little helping hand.

We've grown up with lots of animals, each one of them very different to the other. Fireworks night was always universally a stressful time for all of them. With our current buddies, Pippi and Mr Bump, this is no different. They both hate bonfire night. 

There is hope, however. 

Many products on the market can help calm our pets down during bonfire night and New Year's Eve. 

This list, although small, are some of the products that can really help towards calming your pet down 

These products are proven and tested to reduce stress, anxiety and tension in dogs and cats. 

Getting calming treats for your dog is a great way to train your little pup that the scary sounds are nothing to be scared of. Using positive reinforcement to increase your dog's own confidence that there's nothing to be scared of is a great way to increase your bond but also help reduce their stress in other circumstances where stress can be overwhelming for them. By distracting them away from the commotion outside with treats developed to reduce stress will help two-fold. 

Getting the right tools before Bonfire Night and New Year's Eve will give your animals the best chance to face the night ahead of them.

So we've looked at the products that can help, but what other ways can help? 

Good question! So other than supplements, there are some caring ways to calm your cat and dogs down for free.

When we look at our dogs' wild ancestors, they had one incredible way of calming their pack members down during stressful times. You may have noticed when your dog is scared, they come straight towards you. This not only is for reassurance but also a need to be close to their pack.

Well, when this happens, try putting pressure on your dog. Sounds weird! But it really works. By adding pressure to your pup gives them a sense of security and lowers their anxiety.

But how about cats?

Well, cats being solitary animals, unless there's food involved when they're faced with a high-stress situation, they will often hide as far from the situation as possible.

With fireworks, however, this is tricky to do! Fireworks are inherently overhead in most circumstances.

So, what can you do to calm your cat down for free?

We all have areas in our homes that are dark, quiet and well secluded from everything.

Offering your cat this space will not only come in handy for them to relax but also be a superb place for them to hide and feel safe from loud noises coming from fireworks.

Adding catnip, a piece of your clothing, and water in this area also will reduce the anxiety your cat will have. Catnip is a fantastic herb that you have probably given your cat multiple times due to the hilarity it brings out in cats. But catnip is such a great natural herb that has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress and tension in cats. That it really is a god send when calming cats down. 

Calming cats and dogs with music! 

Every year Classic FM, runs a special program on the evening of 5th of November that has been curated with dogs and cats in mind. 

Classical music has been proven to reduce anxiety in dogs and cats. Research done by the Scottish SPCA found classical music significantly reduces anxiety after the music is played. Read Classic FMs article about the affects music has on your pets. 


Fireworks are a nightmare for animal owners! Which can have lasting effects on our dogs and cats if not expensive vet bills.

We are first and foremost trying to make the night easier and less stressful for your little furry friends. Using the tips and tricks we've mentioned may help in combating this.

We don't want to ruin your fun. But if you're looking to host your own firework display, let your neighbours know, so they can make ready their own animals. The other alternative is obviously silent fireworks. Being just as good as the loud ones they are incredibly less detrimental to the lives of hundreds of animals nearby.

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