Are Antlers Safe For Dogs?

Are Antlers Safe For Dogs?

The short answer is yes; antlers are safe for dogs. 

Being 100% natural, they're also 100% ethical. 

What is an Antler, and how are they formed?

Antlers are extensions of the skull of the family Cervidae (Deer) that are shed and regrown every year during the rutting season. The male deer (stags) use these boney extrusions to control their harem, attract females, and fight any competing overzealous males that may want to challenge the local stud. 

Antlers are made up of bone, cartilage, fibrous tissue, and blood vessels and are as tough as nails. You do not want to be on a receiving end of a charging Stag.

Because of this, antlers make fantastic dog chews due to their durability and robustness. 

How good are Antlers compared to rawhide? 

Good question. 

Rawhide chews are small pieces of skin that are usually not good enough to be used for leather, so quite often will be dried, bleached, and then shaped to form a low-cost chew for dogs. 

What makes rawhide so dangerous is the inability for dogs to digest this stuff, which can lead to blockages. Which, we don't have to tell you, is not good. Rawhide can also cut and damage your dog's gums. 

The difference between an antler and a rawhide is massive. Antlers are natural, long-lasting, robust and ethically sourced, and provides your dog with a safe, natural chew that has a lower risk of damaging their gums.

What other benefits do Antlers have? 

Other than being ethical and natural? These bullet points highlight each area of how antlers benefit your dog. 

  • Stress relief
  • Reduces Tension
  • Releases endorphins
  • Reduces boredom
  • Distraction from scary stuff¬†
  • Calming
  • Nighttime settling¬†
  • Bonding with you¬†

There is so much an antler can do for your dog. And knowing that antlers are naturally dropped each year, you can be safe knowing that you're giving your dog an ethically sourced dog chew. 


Antlers are literally the best dog chews you can get your dog, and you will see how much your dog will love them after 30 secs of giving them one. Our Pippi absolutely adores her one, and you can hear the stress leave her body as she gnaws. 

Thank you for reading; I hope I helped you gain some insight into how good Antlers are for your dog. If you want these articles sent to your inbox, sign up for our emails and receive 10% off your first order today. 

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