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Putting the fun in enrichment

Hey, we all know how much you love your pets that's why we want to help you make some awesome decisions for them.

Enrichment Products
KONG Kickeroo Cat toy with hessian material in three colours. Red, purple, and green

KONG Kickeroo - Bring out the Ninja

Your cat is like an acrobat, able to bend all kinds of weird and wonderful ways, they also like to hunt. Using one of the KONG Kickeroos to hone those skills will come in handy! They're fun too!

Check out the KONG Kickeroo
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    Pet Enrichment

    Every pet should have the best quality of life possible. That's why all our products highlight different aspects of enrichment and breed fulfilment. Talk to us about your needs

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    Sustainable Pet Store

    We are making sure as we grow Woof and Purr we're conscious about our impact on the environment. That's why we try to only stock products that has recyclable packaging.

    Check out biodegradable rope toys 
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    Natural Instincts For Pets

    We are dedicated at helping you find the right product for your pet. We have used our combined knowledge to buy toys and treats that emphasise your pets natural instincts. Message us if you have any questions about your pet.

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What is your dispatch time

What, after we've jumped for joy because you're using us? Well, we ship all items within 24 hours, because we don't want you to wait any longer!

Can you order anything in for me?

Depends what you're looking for? Pet goods, right?

We do special orders on lots of items, drop us a message on what you need and we'll get back to you. We won't keep you waiting, we pride ourselves on replying promptly.

Do you only focus on dogs and cats?

Not at all, person on the internet! We can get all kinds of fun toys and treats for small animals and others, get in touch with what you're looking for!

Why Enrichment?

Why not! Enrichment is so integral to our pets and so vitally important to the health of your pet we've dedicated our whole business around it! Check out our blog and see what we gotta say about it.